Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Every Day is Mother's Day!

It's now a couple of weeks after the Sunday in which we here in America honor our mothers. Although this post could have been written right at Mother's Day, I chose to wait a bit so as to make it more unique, and not just one more post on mothers at the appropriately timed part of the year.

I write this blog in hopes of collecting my thoughts on discipling my own children and in hopes of possibly inspiring and encouraging others to do to the same. But that discipling is going to be very difficult to accomplish all my myself. There is a good reason God gave Adam a wife and there is a good reason God gave me my wife. Part of that reason is that I am not whole without her nor am I capable of carrying out God's mandate for my family alone.

In one of my original posts in this blog, I wrote of the necessity of putting the marriage before the children. That has not changed. A dad who desires to disciple his children will first romance his wife. He will love and cherish her. He will recognize her as God's second-best gift, second only to His gift of salvation. He will work hard to resist the temptation to put her second to the children. He will honor her in her work in the family. He will remember to work to make sure she remains his best friend.

I have certainly not always done these things; in fact, I have often fallen woefully short. But that doesn't change the fact that these types of activities exhibit leadership, exhibit love, and help to create a marriage that glorifies God as an image of the relationship between Christ and His bride, the Church.

Would you join me in honoring your own bride, she who is not only your wife, but an Image-bearer of God and your sister in Christ? And not just on the one day a year as proclaimed by Hallmark, but on every day of the year.... In doing so, you build a family that honors your Lord. In doing so, you set the foundation for discipling your children. In doing so, you set an example for your children of what marriage should be. In doing so, you bring glory to God.

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