Wednesday, April 25, 2007

And the Two Shall Become One

I haven't posted in quite some time...and I know there are people who regularly stop by. So I thought an explaination would be in order.'s a very busy time of year.

Second...and most importantly...I am experiencing the inexpressable love, forgiveness, and perseverance of the woman who is my bride. She looks beyond my faults, my hard-headedness, my poor communication skills, my stumblings and loves me anyway. She deserves much of the time I have been spending on my blogs. Thus although I will continue to write, my postings will be less frequent.

This woman, this Image-bearer, whom God has given me brings a spark to my soul that builds me up and makes me desire to be the husband she deserves, the father our children deserve. I still have a pre-marriage picture of her with her green eyes sparkling and her smile that brightens a room. And now, after a marriage that is measured in multiple decades, those eyes still sparkle, and her smile still lights this man's heart! And yet, it's not truly her physical beauty that touches deepest; it is her touch, her encouragement, her love, both for me and for our Savior.

The Proverbs ask, "An excellent wife, who can find?" My answer is that I couldn't find her...rather, God found her and graciously brought her to me. It is through His sovereign will that we met and married all those years ago. It is to Him I owe thanksgiving and praise for the bride of my youth. And it is to my bride and my love that I publically bring praise in this blog.

Sweetheart...I love you.

And to those men who read my humble musings...may God see fit to bless you as well with such a wife.

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