Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Children of the State

World Magazine has a fabulous article by Joel Belz describing why we are now at the juncture in our history where we are moving toward a socialist state at a rapid pace. It has to do with having had our children indoctrinated by that very state for the past 100 years.

Some quotes from his article:

"The bells of freedom on every front traditionally ring more clearly where a biblical value system has been inculcated. No one should expect anything resembling such a result from secularist state-sponsored schools, which will naturally glorify the state. No one should be surprised when that's what happens."


"That's why, if I were ever forced to become a one-issue person on the political front, my single issue would be freedom of choice in education. With a nine-to-one edge in value-shaping influence, why shouldn't the government be producing products who think government-sponsored-everything is best?"

The article may be found HERE.

It appears World has changed the way it does its online access. For $5 you can get access online and get two issues. Quite honestly...if you get any other news magazine, cancel it and get World! It beats the rest hands down. The beginnings of Belz's article are HERE, along with the ability to subscribe online for the $5.

I found the original link to World so you can read the whole article without subscribing. It's now on both of the links above.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fear... and an Answer

I don't have a post with thoughts of my own today. Rather, I am going to point you to two links that have massive implications to your role as a dad, particularly as a "discipling dad."

The first is a 16-page "fictional" letter produced by Focus on the Family describing the potential damage to our country by coordinated, unrestrained, liberal Executive and Legislative (and subsequent Judicial) branches of our federal government. It is written from the point of view of a Christian in 2012 looking back at the damage and how it occurred. Obviously it is speculative, but it is based upon previous attempts by leftists to overturn critical parts of our constitutional liberties in favor of their "progressive" ideology. These are the sorts of things that would be conclusive evidence that God has removed His hand of protection from our nation and handed us over to judgment. This letter may be found HERE.

The second is a more profound post, written by Scott Head at his blog, "For the Generations of..." It deals with the rebuilding of society by families who turn to the authority and sufficiency of Scripture for life. Dad by dad, marriage by marriage, family by family, church by church, community by community...holy living with the whole of Scripture as a guide, the termite-infested scrap of our culture is replaced by the sweet scent of God as borne out in the lives of His godly people. This post is the answer to the fear that will undoubtedly be generated by the first link. It can be found HERE.

Christos Kurios!