Sunday, July 02, 2006

Do We Believe?

As I pondered the post answering the last question in the "Gifts or Idols" series, I couldn't shake the feeling that we as Christians don't consider the reality of the doctrine of hell, and are thus less than motivated when it comes to evangelism or, more to the point here, the discipling of our children. We are thus willing to follow the ways of the culture and to think that our children won't be part of the over 75% who turn their backs on their faith once out from under the roof of their parents.

So I decided to write more on the topic of hell over at my other blog, "Rise Up and Get Serious," since the question has application far outside the realm of child-rearing.

May we all grasp the doctrine of eternal punishment with more gravity, and may that give us the courage to challenge the culture for the sake of our children's souls.