Thursday, June 01, 2006

Children: Gifts on Loan from God...or Idols?

Over on my Get Serious blog (link on the left), I was commenting on what a typical evangelical Christian tends to look like...generalized, of course. In the process I mentioned that we often make idols out of our children. I suppose this is the blog on which that topic ought to be fleshed out further...and I'll have to do it at another time (getting late and have to earn a living in the morning).

But some questions to ponder (Each is linked to its particular answer):



Margaret said...

Oh, great post Charley! Looking forward to more on this!

Spunky said...

Okay this is a post within a post. Links to other links. I look forward to coming back and reading each of the links.

I also wrote a post called From Honeymoon to Happy Home
that shares my personal story of overcoming the idol of family and children.