Saturday, June 17, 2006

Closing the Generational Gap

According to statistics from the Southern Baptist Convention, over 75% of our children are turning their backs on their faith by the end of their first year in college. Statistically, Americans (and that includes evangelical Christians) are having fewer children than are required for replacing the population...only 1.9. That means that it will take two evangelical families to produce a single Christian in the next generation. And of course, that doesn't even consider that three souls from Christian families are destined for an eternity in Hell....

Concerned? Then I plead with you to take the time to listen to this wonderful sermon posted online. Unfortunately, you can't download it...only listen online. You will be challenged and convicted about our children's eternal future and what we should be doing about it.

I have to give credit for finding this sermon link posted at Scott Brown's blog (see link on left). I had never heard of Voddie Baucham, but he is an elder at Grace Family Baptist Church (Southern Baptist Convention) in Houston, Texas and delivered this wonderful address at a Texas Baptist Evangelism Conference.

It's available to hear (but not download) at:

Closing the Generational Gap

Scroll through the sermons listed until you find Pastor Baucham's.

You can purchase Pastor Baucham's sermons at:

Enjoy...and be convicted!!! And then do something about that conviction!


margaret said...

Finally got the chance to listen - great stuff. Of course it make so much sense once we start thinking it through. Do something about it? Hmmm... it's too late for me to have more kids! :-) I am thrilled whenever I come across a large Christian family. Of course we have to take care of those we have, no matter how many or few. And of course by taking care here, I don't mean making sure they floss their teeth.

A few years ago I would never have dreamed I'd pray that my daughter would be a homemaker and have a lot of kids. Now I do, or should be.

Charley said...

Well said...

A while back, I used the line "you know how that happens, don't you?" in an attempt to be funny...just like Baucham mentions in his sermon. I am convicted down to my core of the sinfulness of such a statement, even made in jest.

I will ALWAYS celebrate a large family when I get the chance, and I will hope and pray for so many grandchildren that I won't be able to remember all their names!!! ;-)

Joanna said...

My husband and I were convicted last year to go against society and view children as a blessing and not a burden. Now we have our newest blessing who is nearly four months old. Just two nights ago we were asked by an older gentleman, "You know how that happens, don't you?" We only have four kids! He had five. I can't understand why people view their own children as something detestable, and shake their heads in disgust when they see our "large" family. It is a comfort to read that there are people from my parents' generation (they are 54 and 56) willing to support a new generation of believers who are raising the numbers of believers from the inside. My own parents see my children as more of a blessing than I believe they saw me. It's wonderful! My mom helps me homeschool the kids and everything. I hope one day to come across either of you and have something encouraging said to us instead of something negative. Although, we do get a lot of "What beautiful little girls" and I don't mind that. God bless you!