Monday, June 25, 2007

To Love the Word

A relative newcomer to my world is Paul Washer, seasoned missionary and pastor for the Southern Baptist Convention. His preaching reflects a deep love and fear of God like none other I have heard. He pulls no punches, and regularly takes American Christianity and his own denomination to task for its reliance upon culture and tradition instead of Bible. I have listened and relistened to hours and hours of his sermons, and go back for more because he takes me to a place I rarely see, but wish to find...a place nearer to God and His holiness. Some may call his preaching "hard"...but I find it challenging and convicting as he uses God's Word to fillet my wicked heart and refill it with God's grace and mercy.

Most recently I have been listening to a series of sermons entitled "To Love the Word"...meditations on Deuteronomy 6:1-9. As I post this, I haven't quite finished the second one...but he spends a lot of time focusing on the application of loving the Word to dad's role of bringing that Word to bear in his family. Thus the appropriateness of commending these sermons on this blog.

You can listen directly at these links, or register and download them in mp3 format for free.


Matt said...

For those interested I have a podcast with high quality MP3's of Paul's messages, as well as other faithful preachers, called the Uncommonly Powerful Preaching podcast. The website can be found here:

If you use iTunes you can subscribe to this podcast here:

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Tony said...

Thanks for the links.

Papa B said...

I heard Paul Washer last summer via He was speaking to a group of teenagers concerning truly being a Christ follower. I spent about a week listening to other sermons he gave and was really convicted by his message. In many respects, Paul Washer is a voice crying in the wilderness.