Friday, June 22, 2007

Voddie's Latest Scribblings

Dr. Voddie Baucham, one of my favorite preachers and authors (as is attested to by the link to his blog over on the left), is out with his latest book, Family Driven Faith. I've been looking forward to its release for some time now. Dr. Baucham certainly "walks his talk" ... and his talk is written in a very readable, yet very direct manner. In the first chapter, he quickly defines the problem...extremely large percentages of the young people in his denomination (Southern Baptist) are leaving the faith as young adults. Then he turns to the root cause...the primacy of human wisdom over Biblical wisdom in most of our life decisions. You will find yourself nodding in agreement...and occasionally twitching from the sting of a point that is too close to home. But you will be drawn to discover the antidote he derives from his study of the Word.

If you resonate with the content of this blog and it's sister will find this book to be a rewarding read.

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Tony said...

Hi Charley:

I have been reading Voddie's new book and it is very good. I have listned to quite a few of Voddie's talks and this book seems to do a good job of tying a lot of what he has said in various sermons together in one place.