Thursday, August 30, 2007

Family Driven Faith YouTube Videos

A few weeks ago, I posted on the release of Dr. Voddie Baucham's new book, Family Driven Faith. Thanks to Tony at For His Glory, I found a new section of YouTube entitled "Broadcast Yourself." It allows a person to put many of his own videos in one place. In this case, Dr. Baucham has placed fourteen videos as of the date of this posting...all are short, usually less than two minutes. They are simply videos of him discussing different aspects of the issues raised in his book. The video below is a sample...Dr. Baucham describing what it means to be a disciple...quite apropos for this particular blog...and a straight up call for parents (Dads in particular) to be the discipler of his children. You can find the rest of the videos sure to watch the one entitled, "Put the Baby in the Beemer"...for it is a short poem that is a devastating critique of United States cultural norms today.

May they be a challenge and an encouragement to you as you strive to raise your family in the Lord.


Anonymous said...

Hi, it's anonymous me again (I posted yesterday in quite a tizzy!) I want you to know that I watched the link from yesterday's post showing the children being indoctrinated about homosexuality as "normal." It sort of terrified me. I appreciate your putting that link there. I will be all the more cautious about what my daughter is taught...and all the more consistent at teaching her daily about Jesus.

Please forgive me if my words came across hurtful. (Sincerely.) I just love my children so much and felt it was being questioned and thrown into one big category along with all the moms who DO have their kids as accessories. If I am meant to home school, I want to know it and I will keep my ears to the ground (and to the heavens!) Please pray for me.

~Your sister in Christ

Charley said...

Hi Anonymous me...

Thank you for coming back and reading some more, and thank you for your thoughts. Believe me when I say that I do not doubt for a minute any mom's love for her children. Most of the time, love is not the issue. Rather than repeat here what I've already written, go see the response I gave for your original comment.

Christos Kurios!