Friday, January 29, 2010

Glorious Preaching!

In January of each year, our pastor takes two weeks and preaches on Racial Harmony and on the ProLife issue. After more than a decade at our church, I confess I was less than excited about attending during those two weeks. After all, what more could possibly be said that hasn't already been said? I've heard this message dozens of times...I got it! Right?

Well, repentance is in order. 

Pastor Piper "hit the ball out of the park" in both sermons, delivering the message in a fresh, powerful way. And I am very happy I didn't go with my "feelings" and skip out. 

For your edification and God's glory, here are the links to both sermons. They take you to a page where you can read the transcript, or listen, or watch, or download. While it's your choice, I'd go with watching or listening or downloading over reading...something about the way Piper preaches puts more power into the words.

Racial Harmony Sunday

ProLife Sunday

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