Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ten Indictments

I posted this on my RiseUpAndGetSerious blog, but it is so important I want to post it here as well.

This is a sermon from the Revival Conference 2008 in Atlanta. Pastor Paul Washer brings Ten Indictments of the American church and "nails them to the door," so to speak. It isn't your usual 30- to 40-minute "feel good" sermon. It takes time to listen.

Please do me a favor. Listen with a humble, contrite spirit. And as you listen, will you please quietly open your heart and instead of critiquing the sermon, ask God to show you where these indictments might be applicable to your life. Then in humble repentance, ask God to forgive you in the name of Jesus.

This is a sermon God could use to change the church...and I pray it would be so.

May you be blessed by the proclamation of the Word!

(If the embedded video doesn't work, click HERE to access it directly on YouTube.)


Chris said...

Amazing sermon!!! Paul Washer has nailed it. I know because I lived it. Raising my hand and answering 3 questions, repeating a prayer, does not bring about salvation. “Salvation is not about the sincerity of the decision, but about the confession of yours sins, repentance of your sins, and regeneration of your life by the filling of the Holy Spirit.” It wasn't until several years latter that I cried out to God to forgive me of my sins and save my wretched soul. Thank God He did.

Betsy Markman said...

I have heard this sermon before, and consider it a landmark sermon, one which should be heard by every Christian (nominal or genuine). The problem of false assurance has filled churches with the lost, thereby making churches irrelevant and leaving a vacuum that the Evil One is only too happy to fill. I hope we all remember to pray daily for Paul Washer and others who boldly proclaim the truth, as they will doubtless come under increasing attacks. And may we all be as bold and godly as he.

I've been blogging a series of articles which deal with this problem, and so far haven't been hit with any opposition, but I'm sure that will change.

As a woman, I deeply appreciate godly male leadership, and pray that there would be much more of it in our culture and in our world. Thank you for the work you do here at HomeDiscipling Dad.

Charley said...

Thank you for your kind comments. At least in this particular post, all the work was done by others; I just provided a small outlet for it in my little blog.

I pray this message will be spread far and wide, as our culture (and world) is so very much in need of the true church to stand up strong and bright in the midst of an ever-darkening and ever-coarsening culture.