Thursday, September 25, 2008

Demographic Winter

HERE is a link to the website promoting a well-researched documentary on population decline and its consequences. This is truly frightening because it's not something that can be fixed easily or in a short amount of time. Dr. Albert Mohler, among others, has lamented on his radio show about how Europe will be Muslim within a generation or two. It's a foregone conclusion because the birthrates in all European countries have been below replacement rate for so long. They've been importing people from muslim countries to do their work...and these families have large numbers of children. Now, it's just a matter of time.

What's even more amazing is this is a secular film using secular data from secular scientists. Their conclusion? The family as defined as one man and one woman for life having lots of children is a requirement for a stable, growing, prosperous society.

Hmmmm....sort of sounds like God's idea! Marriage as defined as one man and one woman for life, being fruitful and multiplying, understanding that children are a blessing and praying for a quiver-full!!!!

Don't you love it when God is shown to have been right all along?

And don't you hate it when we as a society will suffer for having ignored Him and His laws....

Shall we do our part to receive as many of God's blessings as He deems fit to give us???


תַּמְצִיתִי said...

Fancy that! God knew what He was doing from before the beginning of time? But Charley, if one were to acknowledge that and a need for a Saviour then one would have to repent, confess and change. Also, the whole culture is now saying that the opposite is true and who likes to intentionally swim upstream against the flow?

Blessings to you

Tony said...

Thanks for the link. It is amazing how what has been being said about the decline of the family, and its effect on the world, for so many years is not a construct of religious fanatics. When God's principles and precepts are denied problems arise.

Terry, Ornament of His Grace said...

My children and I were discussing this just yesterday as one of their teachers (who happens to be a Christian) was sharing how detrimental it is to the future of many nations that people in developed countries have stopped having as many children. In many cases they are choosing not have any at all.

I told them that God knew what He was doing when He said be fruitful and multiply and when He declared children a blessing. The whole idea of an overpopulated planet is a myth.

Good word, Charley, thanks for sharing it.