Saturday, November 17, 2007

Romans 1 and Poll Results

I was listening recently to a sermon by Tim Conway regarding the decision of how to educate your child (click HERE for the link)... public, private, or home. He does a very nice job articulating Scripture and the principles therein as he encourages his listeners to apply the Bible in this area.

One of the principles he brings out is directly out of Romans 1. God has given man no excuse for not knowing him, yet man refuses. They do not honor Him or give thanks to Him. Instead they became futile in their thinking and although claiming to be wise, were in reality fools. This is a perfect example of what is going on in the public school system and in many private schools as well. While they may not explicitly challenge God, they simply ignore Him. Note what God says of His judgment upon such people (beginning in verse 26): they are given up to dishonorable passions, to debased minds to do what ought not to be done.  

Shortly after listening to this sermon, I read in our local papers about a comprehensive survey of the students of all the public colleges in Minnesota. One fact in particular stood out. The students were asked if they had had sexual relations in the past. Then they were asked if they had had sexual relations in the past twelve months. The results were frightening. The percentage answering "yes" to the first question was slightly more than 78%! That's almost four in five of all students in the college! The percentage answering "yes" to the second question was not much better... 72%! So almost three in four college students have been involved in fornication in the past twelve months alone! 

Is there any question that these students and their professors have been given over to the dishonorable passions of a debased mind? Is there any question God has brought his judgment upon these schools based upon Romans 1? And is there any question the public secondary schools aren't very far behind. As long as God is ignored in these institutions, He will bring His judgment upon them. 

As those entrusted with the lives of precious children created in the image of God, do we honestly do our best to care for their souls by sending them to places where God's judgment is so readily apparent? 

I think not....

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