Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Destiny and Its Impact

A post at another blog I frequent got me to thinking about overarching themes that can help a family grow together with proper focus and direction. The biggest theme that came to mind was to have a sense of destiny. I'm afraid the families of our day think far too small; they can't see past today or this week. A family with long-term vision is one who looks ahead to empty nest!

How sad.

Destiny. That's a loaded word. The dictionary defines it as "a predetermined course of events, often held to be an irresistible power or agency." Of course, they don't mention the "irresistible power or agency" as being the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob! So what is it that God has in mind for you, for me? What is it He has in mind for our families? Do we travel down the path of life with a fatalistic outlook because we acknowledge the sovereignty of God? I think not.

First and foremost is that, if we are adopted sons and daughters of the King, then what He has in mind for us is beyond our wildest dreams. Secondly, we were saved in order to accomplish good works that had been preordained for us (Ephesians 2). A good work has consequences and impact beyond us and possibly beyond anything we could imagine.

So do we just "let it happen?" How can we get a sense of the destiny God has for us? The obvious destiny is to be conformed to the likeness of Christ and to reside in heaven for eternity joyously worshipping the infinite God. That is arguably the most important "destiny!!"

But personally, when I think of "destiny," I guess I am not thinking of exactly the dictionary definition, but rather, I tend to think of impact. What will be the impact of my family and me on the world? Destiny implies vision. As stated earlier, it isn't a small, short-sighted vision. A vision of destiny looks down through the generations to what might be and to what influence we as a family might have on hundreds or thousands of people to come. Just do a little research on the progeny of Jonathan Edwards or Susanna Wesley and see the impact of one godly family!

Properly envisioned and articulated, this is a concept that will bring about a shared sense of mission within the family. A shared sense of mission will unite us to one another under the headship of the father who is under the headship of Christ with the purpose of Kingdom impact. This sense of mission will focus everyone on something much bigger than themselves. What a radical concept for children and young adults! This also produces a byproduct of a sense of belonging, of groundedness, of definition. Gone would be the wonderings of our young people as they search near and yon for who they are and what they are here for. They have a family destiny: both to impact the world as a part of a family, and to carry on the family legacy and destiny into the succeeding generations.

True Christian Destiny: Ultimately preordained good works as we are conformed to the likeness of our Savior enroute to a joyous eternity in the presence of the Father.

Sense of destiny--> Long-term vision for Kingdom impact
Long-term vision for Kingdom impact--> Sense of shared mission
Sense of shared mission--> Family cohesiveness through shared outward focus
Family cohesiveness--> Sense of belonging
Sense of belonging--> Love for one another and for the lost of the world

May we all develop a sense of destiny with a long-term vision of hundreds of years! And may the Lord use this to spread His Kingdom far and wide for His glory and for our joy!

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